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Traffic Light Bags

Faster and Safer Systems of work

How to remove the risk of injury from working at heights when changing Trafic Light Bags

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The old and slow way

Using ladders to be able to access the top of the traffic signal to then place the traffic light bag over the signal takes 2.33 seconds

The biggest issues with this method are –

CoverMe Traffic Light Cover
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The Fast and Safe Way

Using the CoverMe system requires no ladders and just the use of a simple pole and traffic light bag. The time is reduced down to just 30 seconds per light.

The key benefits are-

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Removing the cover Me

Removing the CoverMe traffic light bag is just as safe and fast to remove.

With no ladders required, the traffic light cover can quickly and safely be removed from the traffic signal.

CoverMe partnership with SRL

Over two years ago One of my ideas, when I invented the CoverMe bagging off system, was to have a range of products to cover various street furniture and to offer a bagging off service across the U.K. that removes working from height.

Developing new versions is time-consuming, testing, going back to make alterations, testing again, and so on. By doing this we now have traffic signal, road sign, beleisha beacon, and a new street lighting cover for broken street lights under our belt with more versions to come shortly.

Now my dream of offering a U.K.-wide service has come to fruition with our new exclusive partnership with SRL. They have worked tirelessly to research and now offer a switch on/off service that incorporates the CoverMe signal bags so ladders are removed from site during this service. This service goes further than any other company with many extra added benefits that will benefit the client. The service will SAVE the client money and REDUCE working from height accidents to ZERO

Read the Press release from SRL on how they decided to partner with CoverMe

CoverMe installation with SRL

SRL Bagging off service with CoverMe
SRL Bagging off service with CoverMe
SRL Bagging off service with CoverMe
SRL Bagging off service with CoverMe

Our Full CoverMe Range

Below are some examples of our CoverME Traffic Light Bags being used in “live” situations for councils up and down the country.

We can help you with all of your Traffic Light Bag ” bagging-off ” requirements with various designs to meet all street furniture.

Read the latest article by  Highways Industry about CoveMe Traffic Light Bags

Our CoverMe range is now expanding to new products for the street lighting market too.

You can also read the benefits of CoverMe here

Check out our temporary highway products here

For more information about our Traffic Light Bags and services, please contact

Our Latest Road Sign Bags

CoverMe road sign bags are the most innovative bags on the market. For Traffic Management companies and local councils, this means that there is now no more need to use bin bags and ladders to bag off a road sign.

With CoverMe bags, you can simply install the bag using our ladders-free system to ensure all your staff are risk-free from falling. This will help to reduce working at heights accidents and help us to get to zero accidents.

Siemens Rail Scheme Sign

Siemens rail scheme
Siemens rail scheme sign using CoverMe bags
Siemens rail scheme sign
Siemens rail scheme sign

Siemens used the Coverme bagging system to remove using bin bags that come off easily and then litter the trackside. CoverMe bags are reusable time and time again and made from a recyclable material that can be recycled at its end of life.

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