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Cover Me

Faster and Safer Systems of work

How to remove the risk of injury from working at heights

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The old and slow way

Using ladders to be able to access the top of the traffic signal to then place the bag over the signal takes 2.33 seconds

The biggest issues with this method are –

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The Fast and Safe Way

Using the Cover Me system requires no ladders and just the use of a simple pole. The time is reduced down to just 30 seconds per light.


The key benefits are-

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Removing the cover Me

Removing the Cover Me bag is just as safe and fast to remove.

With no ladders required the bag can quickly andsafely be removed from the traffic signal.

More Than Just A Bagging Off Service

Beacon Guidance Demonstration – Get Instant messages sent to the public directly to alert them of disruption. This innovative system has so many potential applications including helping blind and disabled people to cross roads safely. 

For more information contact IRSS now.  –

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