CoverMe Traffic Light Covers

For many years traffic lights and improvements have moved forward but one part has stood still. Bagging off traffic lights has been done for the last 30 years using ladders to install and remove them.

In today’s climate of reducing/removing accidents on-site to operatives working at height is something the highways industry is trying to embrace in every aspect. Read their article here on how CoverMe traffic light covers have boosted safety for operatives working at height.

Traffic signal poles have been redesigned to remove working at height and have proved to be very successful in reducing accidents at heights.

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The old and slow way

Using ladders to be able to access the top of the traffic signal to then place the traffic light bag over the signal takes 2.33 seconds

The biggest issues with this method are –

CoverMe Traffic Light Cover
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The Fast and Safe Way

Using the CoverMe system requires no ladders and just the use of a simple pole and traffic light bag. The time is reduced down to just 30 seconds per light.

The key benefits are-

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Removing the cover Me

Removing the CoverMe traffic light bag is just as safe and fast to remove.

With no ladders required, the traffic light cover can quickly and safely be removed from the traffic signal.

Traditional Traffic Light Cover Installation using Step Ladders

Traditionally an operative would turn up on-site and it would take approx three and a half minutes to bag off one signal head using ladders.

The ladders would be tied off against the signal pole before an operative would then carry the bag up the ladder, throw it over the signal head and then tie off the bag around the signal head.

As you can see from the images above, this working from heights on a step ladder in wet and windy conditions is both hazardous and dangerous for the man doing the bagging off.

Save Time and Reduces Accidents

CoverMe signal bags are installed in 30 seconds using a specially designed telescopic pole without the need for ladders.

Removing them is even quicker as a specially designed locking point allows the exertion pole to remove the bag in seconds and again without ladders.

Watch our videos to show you how the old method is used compared to the CoverMe method – You will not believe how much time you can save and it’s 100% safer! Watch now at CoverMe

CoverMe Traffic Light Covers

Now a new range of traffic signal covers called CoverMeno ladders required are installed and removed in a quarter of the time of conventional traffic light covers but without ladders. This means zero accidents.

Benefits Of CoverMe

The benefits of CoverMe don’t just stop at removing the working at height issue.

1 Less time spent on site for operatives especially on a high accident locations.

2 Traffic management companies/traffic engineers can easily bag off the site without waiting for the signals company to turn up.

Sometimes operatives can be waiting around for long periods of time which is costly for all parties involved.

3 Sites can be decommissioned much more quickly as the CoverMe bags are removed in seconds without ladders.

Large junctions can be decommissioned much more quickly so drivers spend less time waiting for all the traffic light bags to be removed before being allowed to travel again.

Traffic Lights bags
Traffic Light Bag

SRL and CoverMe

Now the patented CoverMe range has been taken on by SRL and will be the first time a professional bagging off service is offered in the U.K.

SRL will turn up on-site with their temporary traffic signals, bag off the site, and offer even more benefits by one company taking over full control of the site. This will reduce the number of men on site and wasted man-hours by staff waiting round.

The CoverMe brand has moved on again and will offer a range of products to bag off beleisha beacons, bus stops, road signs, and a new cover for knocked-down electrical lighting Columns.

Want to see how CoverMe can help you to reduce working from heights when bagging off traffic signals?

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